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About Pass Rates

Pass rates are no longer issued by the DSA every year, however driving instructors tests are monitored by the DSA, every test is recorded and logged and driving instructors can ask for their pass rate. The national average pass rate is not very high only 43%. Cosmos Driving School has a pass rate well above the national average and is consistant every year 65%-70% when counting the driving tests taken. Counting the pupils, all the pupils that reach test standard have passed thier driving test.

There are two ways to work out pass rates; either how many pupils passed their test last year, or out of all the tests taken how many of the tests were passes . The DSA work on the number of tests taken.

If a driving instructor only produced 1 pupil for test and they pass their test on their second attempt, that instructors pass rate would be 50%. If that pupil pass on their 3rd attempt the instructor would have a 33% pass rate, based on number of tests taken.

However the instructor may not like to admit to a 33% pass rate and so they count the pupils; 1 pupil got to test standard; 1 pupil passed the test; that is 100% pass rate if you count the pupils 100% pass rate sounds better than 33% pass rate.

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