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PDI Driving Instructors in Redditch

A PDI is a Potential Driving Instructor (a trainee driving instructor) not yet fully qualified. To be a fully qualified driving instructor, the instructor must have passed three difficult exams (see ADI page) a trainee-driving instructor has only passed two of the three exams.

The final exam is the ability to instruct, that exam is the most difficult and the most important, the final exam (the part 3 test) is there to make sure that driving instructors have the ability to pass on all the relevant information to their pupils about driving.
It is all very well a driving instructor being able to drive well themselves, however the driving instructor must be capable of passing on all the information to his pupils in order for the learner to drive and pass a driving test. The information must be correct and given to the pupil in away that they will understand, and without making them loose confidence.

A trainee driving instructor is allowed to instruct learner drivers and charge money for that service, however they are not allowed to work independently, they must be supervised (not every lesson) by a fully qualified driving instructor, trainee driving instructor usually work for large driving schools like Acclaim, BSM, Red, Bill Plant and others large companies; independent instructors do not use trainee instructors.

All driving instructors must display a license in their car, when accepting payment or reward for a driving lesson, a trainee driving instructors has a license that looks like the picture.

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