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Choosing a good driving instructor can save you money

Many people shop around for the cheapest driving lessons. My prices are competitive with other driving schools in the area, I believe in value for money driving lessons and to help you pass quickly and safely, I use the latest technology a laptop computer to help show and explain things. A moving picture is always better than a still picture, or no picture at all. Pupils who come to me from other instructors have told me how much easier they have found learning to drive, with the aid of the laptop and explanations. I believe it saves pupils at least 10 lessons on a full course. The way to save money learning to drive is to find a driving instructor offering value for money lessons.

How to recognise a good driving instructor

A Good driving instructor would never shout at pupils; they only explain how to improve. They will also tailor the lessons to suit the pupils.

A good driving instructor will teach you how to achieve a goal for instanced reverse around a corner. Allow you to practice and give you help, advise on how to improve, to achieve independence and keep your confidence.

A good driving instructor when practicing a reverse to the left will tell you if you are wide, and that you need to be closer to the kerb. Then tell you why you were wide, and how to get closer to the kerb. This will save you time, the number of lessons needed to pass your driving test, and money. Not all driving instructors do this, some driving instructors may only say you were wide when reversing, and you need to be closer to the kerb. This will cost you time, increase the number of lessons needed and therefore cost you money.

A good driving instructor will tell you when you are ready for your driving test. They will be able to tell you why you may not be ready, they will not just say "you are not ready yet".

When choosing a driving instructor be sure that they are fully qualified with experience not all driving instructors are the same.

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